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Electrical work is an integral part of everyday home life, and we are here to help. If you are looking for experienced, licensed electricians, great service and competitive pricing, call our Glendale electrical contractors today. Whether you need new wiring set up for your recently purchased home, or are in need of a panel upgrade to support all your home appliances, or need some gorgeous recessed lighting installed throughout your house, our team is experienced with all types of electrical work.  

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Why Choose Electrician Pros Glendale

We are a local company who takes pride in providing professional services and transparent pricing – no hidden charges. We let you know the fees associated with the work before we begin to assure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. This helps you make an informed decision!

Electrician Pros Glendale is your residential electric specialist in Glendale, Arizona. With our around-the-clock services every day of the year, we are committed to providing you with the electrical services you need from routine maintenance services to emergency electrical repairs. We specialize in every form of electrical maintenance, repair, and installation! We can handle any project to ensure safety and electrical efficiency for your home or business facility.

We know the amount of impact a working electrical system can impose on your daily life. We rely on electricity for just about every single aspect of our lives, and when we come across an electrical problem, this is not only dangerous, but it can be very inconvenient too. Your safety is our number one priority, and through professional services, we can solve any electrical problems you have. We offer professional installation services as well.

We are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with our solutions by offering convenient and comprehensive services that are available around-the-clock. We even offer 24/7 emergency support. Electrician Pros Glendale is here whenever you need professional electrical help.

We have a diverse selection of residential and commercial electrical services at your convenience. As one of the best electrical companies in the area, we have the experience, the skill, and the expertise to get the job done properly every single time.

Our Electrician Services Include:

Electrical Repairs and Upgrades
Electrician Pros Glendale specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair even with the most complicated electrical issues.

Electrical Installation
You can trust us with custom rewiring, electrical outlet wiring, circuit breaker installation, and more.

Electrical Panels
Our staff members are trained and certified to safely diagnose issues with your electrical panel or meter. Never tamper with your electric meter or panel. If your panel box is making unusual sounds, make sure to get in touch with us right away. Call a professional!

We handle all types of indoor and outdoor lighting! We also install security lighting, decorative lighting, basement lighting, high-efficiency lighting, and everything else in between.

Ceiling Fans
Our professional crew can take care of custom electrical installation for ceiling fans and switches. We can offer you fixtures and design options for ceiling fan and lighting combo.

Smoke Detectors
Our team can install hard-wired smoke detectors to safeguard your home from potential fire.

Circuits and Wiring
We take care of wiring and re-wiring problems efficiently & safely. Our team can conduct electrical wiring repairs such as troubleshooting, switch wiring, generator wiring, and heat cable wiring among others.

Surge Protection
You need to take precautionary measures before an electrical surge puts your home at risk of damaging your appliances, computers, and electronic devices. Ask our electrical specialists about Surge Protection.

Appliance Hook Ups
Are your appliances running on full power? Do you need to make sure your electrical load is within safe parameters? Ask one of our electricians to visit you for an assessment and/or installation.

Pool and Hot Tub Hook Ups
You can avoid costly electrical repairs, electrical shock, or electrocution if your pool and hot tub wiring and lighting have been properly hooked up. Our services can give you peace of mind before you take a relaxing dip in your pool and hot tub.

100 & 200 Amp Service
Ask our electrical specialist to take a look at your breaker panel box and professionally give it an upgrade if needed. We only use the latest technology for electrical services to ensure the safety of our customers and clients.

Through our services, we aim to provide you a convenient way to not only save money on energy costs, but also to improve the safety of your home. It does not matter if you are looking to add or upgrade the electrical systems in your home, or if you need maintenance and repair, we’ve got you covered!

Business Services

The electrical system in your business or commercial property is crucial to the smooth operation of your company and Electrician Pros Glendale fully understands this. In order to help you maintain productivity and ensure you have the power to continue providing your customers the products and services they need, we offer an extensive range of electrical services. Services include repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and installations. Our technicians are all professional and experienced individuals who can guarantee safe, practical, and reliable work results that no other electrical services provider can offer.

Stop struggling with electrical issues today because we are only a phone call away! We also provide 24/7 emergency services to solve any issue you may be facing.

We are proud to offer:
• Upfront Prices
• No Hidden Costs
• Guarantee on Products and Services
• 24/7 Emergency Support
• Experienced and Friendly Technicians
• High Quality and Affordable Services


Electrician Pros Glendale offer a wide range of electrical services to residents throughout the metro Phoenix region. Browse our services listed below & please contact our electricians to see how we can help!

Electrical Installation

Our Glendale Customer Reviews

We are thrilled to have served countless Glendale customers with all their electrician needs.

Due to some recent home improvements, I had two electrical issues. First, the fuse box switch directed to the heater was in off position and wouldn’t turn on. The wall heater was removed and I wasn’t sure the wiring is correct. Two, the newly installed light fixture was on a dimmer which was working until the night before. I wasn’t sure it was installed correctly. I needed the wiring in the light switch checked and maybe the light installation. The appoint process was very easy. John arrived promptly the next day. He was very knowledgeable and reassured me that the wiring was not faulty. He efficiently replaced the dimmer switch and explained that some newer light fixtures don’t work with older switches. He was in and out and told a couples jokes to boot! I would definitely hire them again.

— Cynthia W.

I had a great feeling from the moment I first contacted Electrician Pros Glendale. John got back to me within minutes and he came over the next day to fix my trip-happy circuit breaker. He was punctual, transparent about pricing, and had an arrival window of only one hour (unlike the cable company, which makes you wait around all day). I sincerely appreciate his honesty: while I called to replace the circuit breaker, he noticed that the breaker was fine, but just loose. So he tightened it instead of replacing it, which saved me from having to buy a part. And, he’s a nice guy to boot. All around, a great experience! I’ve found my electrician for future needs.

— Dan R.

I called two Electrician companies prior to calling Electrician Pros Glendale. Neither of them were responsive. John from Electrician Pros was very responsive and came to my place on the same day. I was so relieved as there was no electricity in certain areas of my place, and he was able to fix it. Plus, He fixed a switch that had been bothering me for a while. John was fast. He immediately fixed the problems. He knows his stuff. I like that he’s willing to fix small problems as well. Also he is a very nice, down to earth person. I am so glad I found him. He will be my go to electrician from now on.

— Heather K.

We had a light fixture in the laundry room that just quit working; tried changing the bulb, checking the fuses, nothing. John was available the next day, showed up right on time, and diagnosed the problem right away (a faulty switch), changed it, gave us some advice about carbon monoxide alarms, and was done in about 15 minutes! I would definitely use him again for any electrical problems.

— Luke H.

I had a dead circuit. The electrician and his assistant were punctual and professional. They wore face masks and put on booties to protect the carpet. They were also efficient, completing the job in under an hour.

— Robert L.

First, I called them to come and see my office rental, I had to install some electrical structure. they suggested me the best possible way of electrical installation and did so. They also provided the parts and materials that were needed. Amazing electrical service.

— Kevin J.

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